Episode 126: In Praise of Storytelling Part I

 Hi friends –

I hope you enjoyed all that fun chat about subpersonalities, our inner cast of characters.

I imagine you started recognizing a few “characters” that are part of the larger character of the people around you, and some of them make for pretty good stories at the end of a day, right?

Speaking of stories, let me just take a minute to thank you for listening to this podcast, and to the stories I tell here.

I’ve always said to my friends that it seems to me that my life is four times as blessed and four times as stressed as the lives of many people around me, and there’s got to be some kind of purpose to that.

I suppose it’s because I’m taking a few extra courses in the school of everyday enlightenment, and therefore I always have a few story lines going at once, as well as lots of sublime and ridiculous stories to share with other people on the journey.

It is so rewarding for me to share with you some of the weird and wonderful adventures I’m having as a spiritual seeker.

As Ruth Sawyer, the Irish storyteller says in her book Way of the Storyteller, “For as strong as the need is for the human spirit to listen to a story, the need to tell it is just as strong.”

So true. So, thank you for listening.

On we go in these next three weeks into “In Praise of Storytelling.”

Put on the tea kettle and settle into your favorite chair, and wander with us

into the realm of storytelling, which grounds us and inspires us in the gritty and luminous experience of being human.

Love and blessings,
Mary & Erin

Episode 126: In Praise of Storytelling Part I

Our ancestors told stories around the campfire, or in winter’s deep communal cave.

These days, we sit at a vast collective campfire:

in the movie theatres for the latest Harry Potter film, in our living rooms watching Downton Abbey with friends, and on line as we share the latest funny video of a baby or a cat.

These stories enter us uniquely, and connect us to each other as we share the highlights of what has moved us.

Mary says, “Every good story, well told, leaves behind a golden seed in the fertile darkness, and something new is born.

And a good story can be told numerous times because it has the magic of numerous insights in it. Some things remain the same, and yet it sprouts new leaves and branches.

Storytelling is about the deepening and sweetening and expansion of the heart. ”

It is relaxing to visit the landscape of different worlds than this one, or to hear the “journey story” of another person who is being brave and good.

And what about our own story?

At happy hour with our colleagues as we de-brief the minor dramas of the day, or in a deep talk with a trusted friend, how often we are joining efforts to “make sense out of the story?”

In the journey of self-healing, each of us is in a hero’s tale,

transforming our life events, through forgiveness, from the story of a victim to the story of a spiritual master in training.

God is a storyteller, it is said. And that’s why we live in a world that is a wonder tale, bursting with possibility and always the start of a new chapter. 


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EPISODE 125: You’re A Character! Subpersonalities Part II

Dear friends,

Well, I bet we got you thinking last week when we discussed the idea of “subpersonalities,” a useful notion from the holistic psychology of Dr. Roberto Assagioli.

This week we kick it down the road a little further as we talk about how to work with subs in a creative and masterful way

– it’s fun –

You can learn:

– how to utilize a helpful sub,
– teach or contain a problematic one,
– how to create an aspirational one, and
– learn how to act “as if” you are the person you are trying to become!

You are the star of your own movie, and your soul is the Director.

What’s playing right now – light comic romance or a disturbing Fellini?

Get to know your own stable of characters, be open for swift re-writes, and

enjoy the show!

God bless you – all of you – from all of us,
Mary & Erin

EPISODE 125: You’re A Character! Subpersonalities Part II

Everyone loves a good character, and you’ve got more than a few inside you.

We explore life through the characters in books, movies, the people around us, and … the people inside us.

In this episode, Mary and Erin go further into the way that our subpersonalities add color and texture to the unfolding story of our life, and how they might help us or hinder us.

Mary breaks free of her Prisoner subpersonality, and Erin continues the triumph over The Gripper, the control sub that gives her headaches.

Learn about our common mythic subpersonalities: the Critic, the Judge, the Saboteur, the Inner Child,

and why the Saboteur likes to show up just when things are going well.
(He means well, but … )

Mary will give you some tips about how to be the boss of you, when some of your little characters are trying to act out.

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EPISODE 124: Subpersonalities Part I

Inside us is a multiplicity of smaller “selves,”

  •  roles and characters that have developed as we’ve grown up
    or traveled through overwhelming situations;
  • some of our subpersonalities are currently still helpful
    and some are outdated or problematic.

On the journey of knowing ourselves, we discover that the “self” exists on different levels:

  •  as our main personality, and in our subpersonalities.
  • It’s also the Higher Self, or soul, which dwells within The Great Self of All that we are part of – The Creator that expresses as a multiplicity of selves throughout the Universe.

From the micro to the macro, we are always evolving into a greater synthesis of Self.

  •  Learning to master our facets in order to increase our effectiveness, is just part of the fun.
  • Learn about the holistic psychology model, Psychosynthesis, the work of Dr. Roberto Assagioli of Italy.
  • Enjoy the stories of Mary’s subpersonality, The Herd Dog.
  • Meet the oh-so-effective, “Corporate Connie,” a sub of Mary’s friend, and celebrate the liberation of “Anxious Addie,” a client in recovery from over-responsability.

You will cultivate your appetite for greatness,

as you learn to work with subpersonalities

and you will take yourself forward into the most elegant version of you!


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