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Welcome to the first show of our Kitchen Mystic Series on the Life Gets Better Now podcast.

Are you a Kitchen Mystic? 

A recent study on religion in America revealed many interesting things: among them, church enrollment is decreasing, secular seekers are increasing, and in both the churched and unchurched, the sense of peace, gratitude, and a sense of wonder about the Universe is on the rise!

It looks to me like some more evidence of the big spiritual awakening going on, that is the hope of the times we live in.

In coming weeks, Erin and I

  • will explore the idea of spiritual awareness in everyday life, and the difference between spirituality and religion.
  • We will celebrate The Serenity Prayer as a global contemplation that brings East-West wisdom together, and
  • we will attempt to articulate the concept of Christ Consciousness, the energy of peace and unity that underlies the spirit of all world religions, with or without Jesus in on it.

And please join us for two weeks in a row about “Hope” at the beginning of the New Year.


The New Kitchen Mystic
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A sweet and unpretentious book brimming with good stories, some how-to, and meaty home-grown philosophy about spirituality in everyday life.

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“I love Mary’s inspirational book! It’s perfect. Beautiful. Elegant. Useful. It is a wonderful holiday gift.”
—Andrew Ramer, author of Ask Your Angels

Abundant Blessings to You –
Mary and Erin


“There is a benevolent plot afoot, and the conspirators are everywhere, visible and invisible.

Their mission? The complete destruction of my fear and limitation,and the expression of my fullest potential.

It’s uplifting, it’s harrowing, and more thrilling than Star Trek because I myself am the main character …

Kitchen Mystics are endlessly fascinated with the stories of their latest breakthrough insights.”  

from  The Kitchen Mystic, A Companion for Spiritual Explorers by Mary Hayes Grieco

What is a Kitchen Mystic?

– A Kitchen Mystic is a dedicated spiritual seeker who lives a personal synthesis of wisdom from the East and the West.

– We experience direct, intimate communion with the Divine in the arena of everyday existence,
– and we are conducting an ongoing loving dialogue between the God Within and the God Without.
– We’re getting it directly, through our own pipeline to God.

Mary says,

“I see God in an onion.

When a mystic enters into loving contemplation of an ordinary object, something opens up –

the mystical moment opens a window
into connection with everything
– people around the world,
– the fabric of nature,
– the ancestors,
– the descendants…

Something in you  fans out
into this very big space
and you feel the energy of peace
and creation,
you love it all,
with all your heart,
beyond words.”

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