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Well, we got on a roll with this storytelling thing, and so we thought we’d do a podcast about a certain special genre of stories – ghost stories!

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?
(Especially if it’s for real.)

I’ve got a handful of ghost stories to share with you, from the era of my life where I engaged in the weird and noble art of “ghostbusting,” which is more accurately described as “ghost therapy.”

Are you scared?     Don’t be.
As I explained to Erin, most ghosts are just extremely ordinary people who died but stayed on Earth in their usual “haunts,” so to speak, instead of moving on.

And a study has shown that fully 68% of Americans report that they had a visit from a dearly departed person, and that this spirit experience was actually a comforting, purposeful event in their life.

Ghosts, ancestors, guides, animal spirits, nature spirits, angels, and Master teachers ….

the spirit world is a friendly mystery that is fun to talk about,

so tune in this week and next week to enjoy contemplating our life with the Invisible.

It’s all good!
Mary and Erin

Have a listen!   ______________________________________________________________  


Ghost stories are a perennial, much-loved genre of storytelling,
and as a mystic, Mary has had enough encounters with ghosts and other spirits, that she can say with confidence,

“This is just part of life, and basically it’s all pretty normal and nice.”

Erin’s not so sure! (scared!!)

but as ever, she is open-minded and curious, and willing to go where Mary leads, in this unique conversation about interacting with ghosts.

Does a ghost attend their own funeral, to communicate with the living? Can a ghost make toast in the kitchen?

Is the spirit world right here, with us, all the time?

How does it influence us?

This week’s podcast is the first of two that explore our life with the Invisible.


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