Hi friends,

Are you having a good time inside the story of your life these days?

We live near an ocean of stories, and we are laying down a narrative of who we are in the world.

Are you living a hero’s journey, traveling through strange lands with a golden nugget of faith and your bright sword of will for truth and goodness?

Here’s our latest and greatest podcast about storytelling – the one that reminds us of the importance of saying

“This will be good!” in the middle of a bad life moment.

That’s what I said when my house got almost completely flooded one time, and ….

some stories take a little while to unfold …

five months later ….

I was right! It all turned out well.

Mary & Erin 


Did you know that there is a Sea of Stories,

and that The Universe issues each storyteller their own story water faucet, when it’s time to tell a tale?

So they tell us in “Haroun and the Sea of Stories,” by Salman Rushdie.

The hero story is a story of a person on the path of self mastery, and there are features that are applicable to the sturdy spiritual seeker:

– the challenge to use your will, (or surrender it to a Higher Will)

– the need to turn to your mighty companions,

– the magical gift from the mystery advisor,

– the nugget of faith that keeps us going forward.

 It’s important to affirm,
“This will be good,” when you’re in a bad moment.

To be strong and positive, with only a little bit of whining when you’re just overdone with it all. (Tho sensitive people will need to whine more often.)

Hear the story of the unexpected flood that destroyed Mary’s house. It turned out well.

And the story of a woman who is cheerful about having been raised by a mother who was utterly evil. She chuckles?

Forgiving and healing a bad story is as possible as laundering your muddy clothes so they are clean and bright again.

Enjoy this conversation in which Mary visits the local shaman, and Erin exercises her screenwriter chops to show us

the classic arc of storytelling in the hero tale….

and what that mirrors for each of us, spiritually.


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