Listener Favorite Series: Episode 117: You’ll know in a Flash! Intuition Part II

It’s the Listener Favorite Series!

These are the shows that we heard that you listened to again… and again … because you learned some fresh new things that made life get better.
The kind of things that are useful to everyone, everyday, yet no one else is talking about in the way we do in these podcasts. Positive anger, healthy boundaries, an accurate intuition to guide you along, our life with the Invisible. Here they come again, so, enjoy! again! And thanks for sharing it with a friend.

Dear friends,
I hope you enjoyed Part I of our 3-part discussion on the fine art of intuition.

As we said last time, there are 5
different ways people are intuitive, and this week we get into the details.

Are you a visual intuitive, finding Waldo in the picture every time?

Do you have that nice calm, directive inner voice that guides you along?

Maybe you’re kinetic, a person who “follows your feet” with an uncanny sense of showing up at the right time and right place.


Tune in for more tales from The Benevolent Universe, and hear how intuition led my family to Jack the Best Dog Ever (even though I truly am not a dog person.)

Remember – your intuition is guiding you into ease and happiness
learn to recognize and follow it

it’s fun!

Warm regards,
Mary Hayes Grieco & Erin Warhol

Listener Favorite Series: Episode 117: You’ll know in a Flash! Intuition Part II

The adventure continues in our discussion on how to master the use of intuition.

There are 5 Types of Intuition:
seeing, hearing, sensing, moving/touching, and pure knowing.

Which type do you have? And can you trust it?

Learn how to recognize the kind of intuition that you have, and how to work with it for greater ease and power in how you live your life.

Mary and Erin swap delightful intuition stories in this episode:
Jack the Best Dog Ever joins Mary’s family
Erin finds the Lost Notebook by following her hand.

“There is a benevolent plot afoot, and the conspirators are everywhere, seen and unseen. Their mission: the complete destruction of my fears and limitations …”
from The New Kitchen Mystic by Mary Hayes Grieco

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