Episode 115: Life like a song! More on Living Purposefully

This week Erin and Mary continue the conversation about living purposefully, by discussing –

The Levels of Purpose:
existential, social, symbiotic, spiritual, and evolutionary.

Heady stuff? Yes,

but no –

as ever, they are having fun with jamming on how the Mystery manifests in the commonplace
as we each attempt to bring our best to our daily life endeavors.

Consider …

That the idea of “surrender” to a Higher Power means that we take refuge and comfort within it.

There is a different way to view our purposes besides what we’re doing 9-5;

even if we are sidelined by an illness or an injury,
we get to practice being fully present and breathing, which is a great service to all.

Our spiritual teachers are those people nearby us whose gifts of character extend themselves to us like sunlight

Our souls have contracts and agreements with other souls to help each other out, symbiotically.
It feels natural to lift each other up and to reflect the strength of our spirits for each other.

As we live and harmonize our levels of purpose, day by day, we add our song to the worthy chorus of human expression.

SING IT … All out!

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