EPISODE 130: Our Life with The Invisible

Dear friends,

“There’s a benevolent plot afoot, and the conspirators are everywhere, visible and invisible.
Their mission: the complete destruction of my fears and limitations, and the complete fulfillment of my life purposes.”
– from The New Kitchen Mystic

Oh! I’m enjoying doing this podcast so much, and I hope you are enjoying this meaty storytelling I am allowing myself to shamelessly indulge in.

This week we continue our appreciation of the weird and wonderful

as we explore our interface with other beings in the Invisible:
animal spirits, angels, and special places in Nature, as I tell about some of my spiritual adventures in my wild 40 acres.

Can the spirit of a bear roam the woods?

Did the spirit of the former landowner guide my husband around to show him his uncompleted tasks?

Did Jack the dog have and invisible friend, a white wolf?

Was it really my mother’s ghostly hand on my back on Mother’s Day, come back to thank me for something?

Are there 12 Step meetings in heaven? (What?!) My Dad’s spirit told me that there are.

I hope that when you listen to this week’s podcast you will remember
how enchanted and precious this world is, and how filled with love.

Much love to you,
Mary and Erin


EPISODE 130: Our Life with The Invisible

We belong to a Mystery,

and it’s our joyous duty to learn how to honor it, enjoy it, and create with it.

The spirit world is right next to, and woven into and throughout the physical world.
We are in relationship with people that we know, and spirits who we sense.

And we’re all citizens of The Benevolent Universe,
a point of view that is really worth subscribing to.

Mary and Erin are hot now, into a stream of storytelling about our life with the Invisible world.

Enjoy Mary’s comfort level with the easy ebb and flow between the seen and the unseen, and Erin’s enthusiasm to become comfortable with it.

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