Episode 114: Living Purposefully & Our Common Human Purpose

Are you strung too tight?

Need to let go and relax a little?

Or are you stuck and slack

and overly mellow… and in fact you need to get a move on and make some changes in your life?

Like the strings in a musical instrument, living with grace and purpose is a matter of consciously tuning our “essential tension,” day by day.We can live life like a dusty old fiddle with sprung strings in grandfather’s attic, or as a gleaming well-strung Stradivarius in the hands of a master.

What does your current state look like?


Enjoy these fresh ideas on living purposefully:

–  Relax/Get Going!  Purpose is a paradox between acceptance of things as they are and motivation to change things the way you want.

– Our common human purpose is to learn and to love (a lesson taught by Mary’s delightful old Aunt Ann). This is a very enjoyable story.

– Every single person is capable of cultivating and expressing their own unique brand of glory!

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