Episode 104: “Give Yourself a Break – The Importance of Self Forgiveness”

Are you putting yourself down and saying bad things to yourself because you’re “falling short” of your dreams and potentials?

Cut it out!

Life is difficult, and we are all way too hard on ourselves – it may be the universal human challenge. Hey, you’re here, you’re you, and you’re all you’ve got. If you feel stuck, stressed, and unable to move forward because of some bad and uncompleted stories, it’s time for self forgiveness.

Mary and Erin both ‘fess up about self forgiveness issues, and explore the difference between productive remorse and toxic shame.

Enjoy hope in our discussion of how your spirit guides you easily back into ease and integrity.

Self forgiveness will help you to breathe deeper, quiet your critical mind, turn your face towards the sun and your feet onto the road towards the most elegant version of you.

Posted on March 27, 2015 | Discuss on Facebook

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