EPISODE 136: The Kitchen Mystic Series – Spirituality and Religion

Hi friends,

Great news! Even though a recent study on Religion in America tells us that church enrollment is declining, it also reports that there is an increase in the number of people (churched and unchurched) who claim to regularly have spiritual experiences: the feeling of peace, gratitude, and a sense of wonder about the Universe. The Kitchen Mystics!

This week Erin and I continue our musings on living life as a Kitchen Mystic, a dedicated spiritual person who does not feel the need to go to church.

Are you a happy churchgoer, or a “None,” someone who has no religious affiliation?

Do you find church rewarding, optional, irrelevant, or oppressive – an activity that actually mutes the true life and power of your own spirit’s truth and happiness?

A Special Note:

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Abundant Blessings to You –
Mary and Erin

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“Spirituality is a state of awareness in which you are vitally and lovingly present to yourself, to other people, to Nature, and to Spirit.”

Church is wonderful, unless you happen to have been abused in one, or raised in a church that felt dry and irrelevant to you, and then you left to join the growing numbers of the “unchurched.”

This week, Mary tells a story of recovering from a wound sustained in her childhood church experience, and how she found her way into her own spirituality that is both disciplined and joyful. (She managed to retain a few positive things from her childhood church tradition.)

Sometimes we have to forgive God! (or at least, our concept of God.) And then we can start a whole new relationship with God.

Click here to see the recent study on Religion in America.

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