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Mary’s Books

  • Ambushed by Babies

    NEW! Ambushed by Babies is a memoir told in a series of independent stories about the author’s experiences with pregnancy, birth, and mothering.

  • The New Kitchen Mystic

    In these rich, poetic essays, Mary Hayes Grieco serves up fresh philosophy, delicious storytelling, and solid how-to advice for today’s spiritual seeker. A classic!

  • Unconditional Forgiveness

    The enjoyable, user-friendly guide to a forgiveness process that resolves emotional issues, swiftly and permanently. Learn in a weekend and use it for a lifetime. Feel better!

  • Forgive at Home Workbook

    A practical collection of worksheets and journal pages to use on its own or with the book, Unconditional Forgiveness. You can use this guidebook again and again.

  • A Woman’s Ways

    Tales of the Divine Mother/Develop Your Intuition “Our Mother, Who...

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Meet Mary

Private Sessions

On the phone, or in person. Short-term potent forgiveness work or long term spiritual mentoring. Private life renewal retreats. Mary is ready to help you with issues of... Read more »

Private Retreats

Come to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a personal retreat and some deep, life-changing work with Mary Hayes Grieco. You will be Mary’s top priority during your visit as she works with you to heal yourself and re-invent your life. Transform your wounds to wisdom now. Read more »

Keynote Talks

Mary's special magic as a keynote speaker at your next event will make it memorable. Her presence is naturally uplifting, and... Read more »

Forgiveness Workshops

Mary has been teaching forgiveness workshops for 30 years, and her work has taken her around the world. Bring her to your community, or come to the next scheduled workshop in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Read more »

Read More About Forgiveness

Enjoy the Hard Won Wisdom podcast

with Mary and hosts Fawn Germer and Michelle Brigman – from the Women’s Leadership Network

Listen to Mary Hayes Grieco on MPR with host Angela Davis

MPR News host Angela Davis talks with Mary  about forgiveness and why forgiving the people who hurt you the most is beneficial to your health. Forgiveness can transform your experience.