Episode 109: In Depth on The Eight Steps to Freedom

Mary and Erin get into the specifics of how this fabulous healing method works, when you need to get over something that hurt you, now.

Learn how forgiveness brings you to a fresh start, and how you can deal with your anger at your sweet old Mom who never meant to hurt you – but she did.

Mom’s the big issue for a lot of people, but these Eight Steps work to bring relief to any issue, from the mundane to the atrocious.

It’s not hard to forgive – you just need to know how.

Prepare for healing
and a change in your life

1. State your will to let go and move on
2. Express your emotions about what happened
3. Release your expectation(s), one by one
4. Restore your boundary
5. Open up to get what you need in your life now
6. Receive spiritual energy from your soul into your personality
7. Send light and good will to the  person you’re forgiving
8. See the good

Integrate your change

Posted on May 1, 2015 | Discuss on Facebook

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