Episode 111: Your Life is Your Classroom – How to Get an A!

Our daily life experience shifts in an honorable direction when we frame what’s going on in our life now as a learning situation.

When you walk with the point of view that I am a student, there are lessons afoot, and my teachers are nearby.

There are tools to use to master this challenging gig of mine, and I am healing myself into a new capacity of sharing my gifts and enjoying more love.

Review the tools in the tool box of self mastery : intention, intuition, humility, discernment, and more.

Learn about the 80% rule of imperfection, and how to recognize when you’re going to a new level of consciousness.

Enjoy Mary’s story of transforming her story from one of being “unlucky” to one of being a forgiveness master in training, and how claiming this made her life get smoother.

Posted on May 16, 2015 | Discuss on Facebook

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