Episode 113: My will vs. Thy Will

Our accurate discernment about

My will/Thy Will

is like a graduate level course that asks a lot of us,

but we can have some fun with it

if we have an attitude of experiment and discovery about this important function.

Life is a free will experiment, and we are in active partnership with a Mystery.

Let’s give it our best shot, keep a sense of humor,
and see what happens.

Learn about the will as a spiritual “muscle”
that we can exercise to live more effectively

Co-creation is like gardening:

We make a plan,
work with the soil and the elements,
and let go to what actually happens


When in doubt, say the best prayer:

“Thy Will Be Done”

In retrospect, we discover more about God’s Idea, and our spiritual purposes

“Surrender:  to take refuge within the guidance and safety of the Higher Power

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