Listener Favorite Series: EPISODE 118: Intuition Series, Part III: Discernment and Development

It’s the Listener Favorite Series!

These are the shows that we heard that you listened to again… and again … because you learned some fresh new things that made life get better.
The kind of things that are useful to everyone, everyday, yet no one else is talking about in the way we do in these podcasts. Positive anger, healthy boundaries, an accurate intuition to guide you along, our life with the Invisible. Here they come again, so, enjoy! again! And thanks for sharing it with a friend.

Mary Hayes Grieco and Erin Warhol

This week, Mary and Erin celebrate the good results that come from following an active and accurate intuition, and how to cultivate this important life skill.

Intuition is an expression of your truest inner self, and it is trying to bring you the good things you don’t even realize that you need.

There’s no need to be afraid of it!

Learn about the BLOCKS to intuition:
Ignorance, doubt, fear, and glamour.

What are we so afraid of?

Being wrong, being viewed as weird or crazy, being vulnerable to spooky things and things that go bump in the night?

Mary says, “Our soul is hanging out in Eternity, unfettered by time or space as our personality knows it.
It has The Big Picture, and it is eager to communicate that perspective to us as we make choices each day.

Our culture is still driven by scientific materialism, which denies intuition, or demands proof and evidence of these truths.
But tell me, can you
prove art or poetry? Would we want to deprive ourselves of the truths that are found there? I don’t think so.

Intuition brings us rich perception of our real and best life, and we are well served when we decide to develop it and follow it into our fulfillment.”

Today, Mary gives us some astute tips about the discernment and development of this important function in the path of self mastery: decision, experimentation, discernment “tricks” and gratitude for successes.

Enjoy the stories:

– of how intuition led Mary to a free vacation in Mexico, and also to the purchase of a special place – her 40 acres of quiet woodland.

– Erin reflects on how her intuition has worked in her life, from the small and silly things to the big ones, like quickly buying her perfect new home with her new husband.

Join us

in validating and celebrating the experience of seeing “God’s yellow highlighter” on the important people and things on your path.

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