EPISODE 137: Churched or Un-churched – what is “Christ Consciousness?”

Hi everyone,

Our Kitchen Mystic Series continues apace, as Erin and I explore the deeper level of peace that is the universal underpinning of the Christmas story.

For Christians, Christmas time heralds the birthday of Jesus Christ, and all that he brought and brings to the world to lift us out of the darkness of human error and frailty. 

For non-Christians, the “Jesus” focus of Christmas time may seem like a large birthday party going on (and on) right next door to us, and if we aren’t personally connected, after a while  our patience and tolerance wears thin. You might have a moment when you think, “If I hear one more Christmas carol in a store I’m going to scream…”

For the churched and the unchurched among us, for the Christians and the Nones together, there is a deeper level of spirituality that we can all share in at this time.

Beyond the historical and religious Jesus, there is a Universal Spirit that he fully embodied and each of us can tap into it to some degree, no matter what our level of church affiliation or non- affiliation is.

Let’s call it “Christ Consciousness.”

Enter in with us and touch something that is so much deeper than words, and let us remember together what is so easy to forget:

We are all One.

As John Lennon put it, Imagine all the people … living life in peace … you may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope one day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.

As winter’s darkness grows, it brings us the gift of how much we love the light, and how we are trying to “be a light” for ourselves and for everyone else.

Cozy up with us this week and go deeper.

Be there. Be Here!

The blessing of feeling Christ Consciousness can happen in a moment.

May it happen for you now, today.

Love always,
Mary and Erin

EPISODE 137 Churched or Un-churched – what is “Christ Consciousness?”

“Christ consciousness” is an experience of Universal light and oneness that is the deeper level of Christmas-time energy. For Christians and non-Christians alike, this experience of peace is a joy beyond words that Mary nevertheless attempts to put into words in this podcast. 

“Christ Consciousness? We tap into it. It’s a field of light and energy that we occasionally breathe in, and our consciousness stretches out into it like into a lovely warm ocean.

Your heart is open – your mind is still – you feel nothing but good will and blessing towards others – you feel safe – you wish to serve and bless and love everyone – you become love, with peaceful detachment.

You tap into a space that is love, it’s inside you, and you are inside it. You feel encouragement, bliss, a desire to serve, blessing, thriving, unity.

You see yourself in another person and know yourself to be one and the same being.

This is what we hope to taste in a moment in a Christmas midnight service: that way you stretch out into a vast timeless space with other people, in the play of dark and light.”

Take some time amid the noise and bustle of the holiday season to be in a moment with Mary and Erin, as we remember to find that quieter, deeper place.

Sense that spiritual fabric of light and energy and the one-ness that informs all religions as well as our most special moment in an otherwise ordinary day.

You are a Kitchen Mystic.
You can do that.

Peace, baby.

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