Listener Favorite Series: Episode 106: The Upside of Anger – Part II

It’s the Listener Favorite Series!


These are the shows that we heard that you listened to again… and again … because you learned some fresh new things that made life get better.
The kind of things that are useful to everyone, everyday, yet no one else is talking about in the way we do in these podcasts. Positive anger, healthy boundaries, an accurate intuition to guide you along, our life with the Invisible. Here they come again, so, enjoy! again! And thanks for sharing it with a friend.

Mary Hayes Grieco and Erin Warhol

Unexpressed anger eats us up inside.

Healthy anger is that little bit of fire you need sometimes to set things right.
It helps you know who you are and what you want and do not want in your life.

But how do you handle a flare of rage that rises towards your boss, or your small child, or someone who can hurt you if you show your anger?

Mary helps Erin along with her nervousness about feeling anger as she discusses safe ways of releasing rage to gain relief from frustrating obsession and rumination when we’ve been done wrong.

Hear the story of the woman who’s long term health condition cleared up after releasing her rage and forgiving her ex, and the story of how a parent can help a frustrated child who’s being picked on.

Mary says, “Your belly is where you carry your power… sometimes you need to go to a private place, and shout it out, from the belly … and then you forgive them.”

Rock on, people. Forgiveness – after you let your anger out first – makes us free.

Posted on February 20, 2016 | Discuss on Facebook

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