EPISODE 123: How to avoid an energy crisis

Can science show us the reality of our aura and our vital energy system?

Enjoy a silly story about Mary’s disappointment in her aura photograph.

Are some of your headaches due to a constriction in your energy flow in the higher chakras?

Erin shares her success in ending migraines by allowing  her creative energy to flow smoothly in her head instead of clamping down with fear.

On the landscape of our modern life style,

– we must manage our energy with steady health practices,

– make choices around people who are uplifting or draining,

– and must connect with Nature before and after we are in our all day work environment.

Nature’s life force expresses itself in the elements : earth, air, fire, water, and space.


The elements can nourish your flagging energy.

Do you need to get yourself in some water? Put some plants in the ground? Sit by a fire?

Learn how to recognize if your energy is flowing well or not, and how to seek the energy healing modality that suits you the best.

Honor what your body and your life cycles are needing for energy and balance.

Posted on August 7, 2015 | Discuss on Facebook

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