EPISODE 119: The Power of Humility

A lot of people struggle with accepting our place in the scheme of things.

We resist doing the things that are ours to do:
– because they are not so glamorous, or
– we hold back from allowing our light to shine brightly, as the opportunity presents itself. 

Some of us push away compliments and opportunity

because we are serving an outdated idea of humility, having been taught to be modest and take the back seat and not make too much of ourselves.

In this program,

Mary proposes an empowering concept of humility, and one that empowers us to really be ourselves.

Humility is taking one’s rightful place in The Universe – a place that’s yours and yours alone.

Humility also guides us into our potential and makes us useful, showing us how to serve other people’s needs the way they have them, which supports the growth and evolution of that person.

Like the waterfall, humility is the attitude that allows us to be a force of nature . And nature doesn’t hold back – it’s all out.

Humility and power are related.

Power is being your real self –

it is the unimpeded expression of your true spirit through your personality.

Like a glorious thundering waterfall, natural power comes from spiritual surrender – the ability to “let go, and go there,”  to allow what wants to come through us to come through us, and to shine as bright as God would have you shine.

Enjoy the stories of humility in daily life

– the subtle spiritual dilemma of whether to talk to that person in the coffee shop today or not

– and the powerful decision to backtrack to retrieve a toy bunny that has been left behind.

There’s a lot of meat on this bone! So put on your “home grown philosopher” state of mind.

Join Mary & Erin

in the kind of unique discussion you will find no where else.

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