EPISODE 133: Smile through the holidays: do “pre-emptive forgiveness”

Dear friends,
As the winter holidays approach, we might be anticipating our time with our extended families with mixed feelings.
This time of year offers a prime opportunity to amp up our ability to live the powerful attitudes of unconditional love and forgiveness.
Our families are ours for a lifetime, to learn from, to accept and appreciate, or to avoid and set limits with, as the case may be. If you already are aware of what some of your uncomfortable family dynamics have been and are likely to be, you can practice “pre-emptive forgiveness,” and enter your family situations in a new way, surprising yourself at how much better this can go for you this year.
It only takes one person who is consciously bringing forgiveness and good will into a family system, to start a gentle trend towards real transformation of outdated family dynamics.
I hope you will make this special time of year a time to grow spiritually, in the most practical way possible.
In this conversation, Erin and I discuss the power of choosing to forgive yourself, a family member or a family situation, before the next time you are with them.
Then we can open up to the light of Spirit to enter in and do its quiet magic: reflecting to us everyone’s basic goodness, and giving us renewed ease in our own skin when we’re with our tribe. God bless us, every one.
Yours always,
Mary & Erin


EPISODE 133: Smile through the holidays: do “pre-emptive forgiveness”

 “Forgiveness is releasing an expectation that is causing you to suffer.”

 If the thought of spending time with certain family members causes you to tense up, it’s a really good idea to practice “pre-emptive forgiveness!”
Release your unrealistic expectations of others before they drive you crazy, and take some time to privately clear up a sore spot from the past.

No matter how difficult they are
– no matter how different you feel
– this year it will be better.

“Peace on Earth”
starts right here.

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