Episode 120: Healthy boundaries for sanity and happiness, Part 1

From the global intensity that erupts:

-when one country’s military crosses over a border of another country,
-to the obssessive worrying of a co-dependant,
-to the silent steamy contempt of an introvert
who didn’t get enough private time  silence with their morning coffee —

“boundaries” are a key component

of keeping the peace
on both a large and a small scale.

Why is it that women are so much worse at saying “no” than men are?  

How do you teach healthy boundaries to a sensitive child?

Should you sleep with someone because THEY really need it?

Do you HAVE to loan someone your bike even though you don’t ride it?

How do we make room for our dreams in an already overcrowded daily life?

Erin and Mary launch two weeks of power-packed thinking
about the subtle but vital art of

knowing our boundaries,

and how to  set them

or re-set them

when we are feeling stressed or resentful
with people or situations.

Posted on July 17, 2015 | Discuss on Facebook

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