Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent podcasts about ghosts and our life with the spirit world,
and that this year Halloween will be pleasantly meaningful as well as the usual kind of spooky fun.

The Day of the Dead/All Soul’s Day, is coming up, so remember to tune in to an ancestor on the other side, and say a little “hello there,” if you want.

Switching gears, because of a listener request,

Erin and I will happily circle back around to go deeper into some questions from earlier podcasts:

1) How do I restore my vital energy when I feel so drained from circumstances beyond my control? and
2) How do I know if I am understanding and following my your intuition correctly?
Or, Discernment for Dummies.

There’s a lot more to be said on both of these fronts, so please join in on our jam this week and next.

Do you feel sometimes, like I have, that “my life is a worthy organization that is understaffed and underfunded, and I’m tired before the day begins …?”

Do you wonder, “Where on earth will some new energy come from?”

Tune in! Lots of good ideas for you are flowing here in these next two conversations.

Peace, friends,
Mary and Erin

Have a listen! 


Learning how to restore our vital energy when it’s drained,
is a life skill that we need to develop and employ from time to time.

Certain life situations are draining and exhausting

– grief during a time of loss, or
– dealing with a loved one’s medical crisis, or
– working in a company that is going through stressful changes, or
– being in a stage of family life that asks you to keep showing up to do a lot with very little…

At times like these, we are tempted to be

– snappy and irritable, or
– judge people around us, or prop ourselves up with an unhealthy addiction.
– we might even get sick, just to get ourselves some space and rest.

In this episode, we find Erin at an all-time energy low from a combination of these things: a trip for a family medical crisis, a busy time at work, and an unexpected flood in her home.

She’s hit a wall and is ready to fall over, wondering if there’s anything that can be done besides collapse or “soldier on.”

Mary feels in the pink and perky due to her recent discoveries about managing vital energy during demanding times, and she shares some simple ideas.

Listen in, and remember to give yourself the easy breaks you need,
starting with 15 minutes of quiet time
and a full glass of water,
and opening up to luck and magic to step in,


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