EPISODE 116: You’ll know in a flash! The intuition series starts today

“Your intuition is trying to show you
only one thing all the time:
how to be happy as you.
It’s there to make life easier.

Your intuition will help you understand your purpose,
unfold it, and solve everyday problems.

It needs to be reinstated on its throne
next to the logical mind,
so the two can work as partners.”
-from The New Kitchen Mystic
by Mary Hayes Grieco

Our intuition is the means by which our soul guides our personality into ease and greater purposefulness.

There is a spectrum of intuitive sensitivity, and different ways that it operates in different people.

Most people operate with some amount of intuition, especially in concerns around safety, important relationships, parenting, and excellence in the workplace.

And we can all learn to have more intuition, readily recognizing “God’s yellow highlighter” which is subtly emphasizing the things that are important for us to pay attention to.

Enjoy Mary’s stories

– how she safely navigated hitchhiking around the country as a young hippie, by following the guidance of her intuition at all times;

– learn how intuition helps us with things small and large

– from buying carpeting on sale

– to meeting your soul mate.

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