Episode 107: What About Evil?

Mary and Erin engage the topic of an ancient problem with a fresh and intrepid new energy.

Have you ever thought of evil people as the punk teenager souls that are testing the limits of the (Universal) law?

Have you ever wondered why vampire books and movies are ever-popular? Do you have confidence in yourself that you are able to recognize an evil person and avoid them?

Mary says,
“Forgiveness of evil gets us out of hell

If we don’t forgive evil, we remain vulnerable to it.

Evil only wins for as long as we allow it to diminish us, and when we forgive the situation, our powerful act  gives us new boundaries and protection from future evils.

We emerge whole and free, and unbroken, because the goodness of the human spirit refuses to be crushed – it always triumphs!

So, fight the good fight, but fight it with a twinkle in your eye, and the light of your spirit coming forth.”

Posted on April 17, 2015 | Discuss on Facebook

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