EPISODE 124: Subpersonalities Part I

Inside us is a multiplicity of smaller “selves,”

  •  roles and characters that have developed as we’ve grown up
    or traveled through overwhelming situations;
  • some of our subpersonalities are currently still helpful
    and some are outdated or problematic.

On the journey of knowing ourselves, we discover that the “self” exists on different levels:

  •  as our main personality, and in our subpersonalities.
  • It’s also the Higher Self, or soul, which dwells within The Great Self of All that we are part of – The Creator that expresses as a multiplicity of selves throughout the Universe.

From the micro to the macro, we are always evolving into a greater synthesis of Self.

  •  Learning to master our facets in order to increase our effectiveness, is just part of the fun.
  • Learn about the holistic psychology model, Psychosynthesis, the work of Dr. Roberto Assagioli of Italy.
  • Enjoy the stories of Mary’s subpersonality, The Herd Dog.
  • Meet the oh-so-effective, “Corporate Connie,” a sub of Mary’s friend, and celebrate the liberation of “Anxious Addie,” a client in recovery from over-responsability.

You will cultivate your appetite for greatness,

as you learn to work with subpersonalities

and you will take yourself forward into the most elegant version of you!


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