Hi friends

Thanks for the comments we’re getting these days,
that our podcast is serving you well as your upbeat weekly spiritual classroom.

With each of these conversations, it has been our fond hope that we will deliver a “golden nugget” that you can carry in your pocket during the week, and that nugget will continue to help you discover new insights in your path.

Back to INTUITION now, with
“Discernment for Dummies.”
(No disrespect intended! It’s how we received the request from a listener.)

Erin and I will review the 5 kinds of intuition,
and then hone in on a few tricks of the trade of spiritual discernment.

In other words,
how do I know this is an accurate intuition?

How do I trust this?

Our first favorite clue is,
“The ego speaks loudest and it speaks first, with a spirit of drama, glamour, or anxiety.
True spiritual guidance is simple and has some silence wrapped around it.

Even if you don’t like what your guidance says,
it feels right, and there is some peace in that.”

We hope this show kicks off some fun experimentation for you,
as you throw down your willingness to the Universe to be in loving service to all,

and to become a completely fulfilled version of yourself,

with the help of your wise guidance.

Enjoy! Love,
Mary & Erin


Intuition is your soul’s GPS for your personality
and your path through life to personal fulfillment.

How do you develop an accurate intuition and trust it?
Are you being guided, or is it wishful thinking?
Which of the 5 kinds of intuition is the one most natural for you?

In the classroom of your soul’s lessons, are you an enthusiastic student or a resistant one?

Mary and Erin explore some helpful tricks to enhance the fine art of spiritual discernment.

Learn how to ask the brave questions and hear the truth, even if you’re afraid you won’t like it.
Work with the elegant orchestrations of the Universe – sensing when to come and when to go,
and discerning when a door in your life is open and beckoning to you, or closed – because something is over.

Mary says, “If you desire to be of service and bring good to the world, your intuition will accelerate!

The Universe wants to put you to work, and bring about your thriving and fulfillment.
It will guide you with intuition.”

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Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent podcasts about ghosts and our life with the spirit world,
and that this year Halloween will be pleasantly meaningful as well as the usual kind of spooky fun.

The Day of the Dead/All Soul’s Day, is coming up, so remember to tune in to an ancestor on the other side, and say a little “hello there,” if you want.

Switching gears, because of a listener request,

Erin and I will happily circle back around to go deeper into some questions from earlier podcasts:

1) How do I restore my vital energy when I feel so drained from circumstances beyond my control? and
2) How do I know if I am understanding and following my your intuition correctly?
Or, Discernment for Dummies.

There’s a lot more to be said on both of these fronts, so please join in on our jam this week and next.

Do you feel sometimes, like I have, that “my life is a worthy organization that is understaffed and underfunded, and I’m tired before the day begins …?”

Do you wonder, “Where on earth will some new energy come from?”

Tune in! Lots of good ideas for you are flowing here in these next two conversations.

Peace, friends,
Mary and Erin

Have a listen! 


Learning how to restore our vital energy when it’s drained,
is a life skill that we need to develop and employ from time to time.

Certain life situations are draining and exhausting

– grief during a time of loss, or
– dealing with a loved one’s medical crisis, or
– working in a company that is going through stressful changes, or
– being in a stage of family life that asks you to keep showing up to do a lot with very little…

At times like these, we are tempted to be

– snappy and irritable, or
– judge people around us, or prop ourselves up with an unhealthy addiction.
– we might even get sick, just to get ourselves some space and rest.

In this episode, we find Erin at an all-time energy low from a combination of these things: a trip for a family medical crisis, a busy time at work, and an unexpected flood in her home.

She’s hit a wall and is ready to fall over, wondering if there’s anything that can be done besides collapse or “soldier on.”

Mary feels in the pink and perky due to her recent discoveries about managing vital energy during demanding times, and she shares some simple ideas.

Listen in, and remember to give yourself the easy breaks you need,
starting with 15 minutes of quiet time
and a full glass of water,
and opening up to luck and magic to step in,


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EPISODE 130: Our Life with The Invisible

Dear friends,

“There’s a benevolent plot afoot, and the conspirators are everywhere, visible and invisible.
Their mission: the complete destruction of my fears and limitations, and the complete fulfillment of my life purposes.”
– from The New Kitchen Mystic

Oh! I’m enjoying doing this podcast so much, and I hope you are enjoying this meaty storytelling I am allowing myself to shamelessly indulge in.

This week we continue our appreciation of the weird and wonderful

as we explore our interface with other beings in the Invisible:
animal spirits, angels, and special places in Nature, as I tell about some of my spiritual adventures in my wild 40 acres.

Can the spirit of a bear roam the woods?

Did the spirit of the former landowner guide my husband around to show him his uncompleted tasks?

Did Jack the dog have and invisible friend, a white wolf?

Was it really my mother’s ghostly hand on my back on Mother’s Day, come back to thank me for something?

Are there 12 Step meetings in heaven? (What?!) My Dad’s spirit told me that there are.

I hope that when you listen to this week’s podcast you will remember
how enchanted and precious this world is, and how filled with love.

Much love to you,
Mary and Erin


EPISODE 130: Our Life with The Invisible

We belong to a Mystery,

and it’s our joyous duty to learn how to honor it, enjoy it, and create with it.

The spirit world is right next to, and woven into and throughout the physical world.
We are in relationship with people that we know, and spirits who we sense.

And we’re all citizens of The Benevolent Universe,
a point of view that is really worth subscribing to.

Mary and Erin are hot now, into a stream of storytelling about our life with the Invisible world.

Enjoy Mary’s comfort level with the easy ebb and flow between the seen and the unseen, and Erin’s enthusiasm to become comfortable with it.

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