Episode 103: “The Upside of Anger”

“Your anger is a doorway to your power, but it’s not a house that you can live in.”
The vibrant emotion of anger is a natural response when we have been insulted, belittled, or treated disrespectfully by another person. It does us a lot of good when we handle it in a healthy way, and it’s toxic and stressful for us when we keep it stuck inside as an ongoing resentment.

Mary and Erin get down and dirty with exactly how we move through anger when we’ve been wronged, and beyond it into new strength and clarity.

Enjoy this rare and energizing conversation about a problem that affects us all, and some great tips for how to be angry in a healthy and productive way.

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Episode 102: “Seriously, why should I forgive the unforgivable?”

“My life is ruined!!!” Have you ever felt like that? Like you were so hurt or betrayed or  disrespected that it broke your heart and you carry this thing in the back of your mind as something you will always be sad or angry about? Mary and Erin boldly explore the idea that you can get over anything – that indeed, you are bigger than the worst thing that has happened to you, when you have the healing experience of forgiveness. Mary describes a reliable path of healing yourself with her forgiveness method; enjoy her riotous storytelling about dealing with her impossible neighbor, and other humans, who, as we all know, are “a dicey lot, at best.” Learn how to turn your wound into your wisdom.

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Episode 101: Life Gets Better … how? Introduction to our podcast

Does your life feel harder than it should? You want to be happy, yet you have some kind of static inside you that gives you a stress headache and makes you glum and growl-y at people you care about? If you are asking yourself how to lighten up, maybe you need to look into a new health habit: forgiveness. Forgiveness?! Ugh! Listen to Mary and Erin tackle the merits and problems of this “F Word” with gusto and honesty.

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