Episode 112: Do we really create our reality? Yes – But Read the Fine Print!

It is perhaps one of the biggest thought discoveries
in human history

the emergence and the widespread acceptance of the notion that
“we create our own reality” from our beliefs.

But why does it work sometimes
to say affirmations and
to assert your creative will to shape the course of your life,

and other times it seems like
there’s a brick wall there, and that
you are sore and truly stuck with what you have?

Enjoy this refreshing conversation
that brings light and magnification to the “fine print” in the  Create Your Reality paradigm.

What’s in the fine print?
Here’s a sneak preview:

You can’t create what you can’t receive – “Having-ness” – your basic capacity to have good things happen for you

Your unconscious beliefs have more power to create things than your conscious belief

God’s Idea always wins.
We are creating from different levels: personality, soul, and God’s.

Sometimes you’re inside a previous creation that’s still unfolding, and you can’t change the program yet.
Once you’ve accepted and loved your life situation, and brought your best to it, it can shift to a different situation


Can you really visualize your straight hair to become curly?

Tune in and see what you think.


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Episode 111: Your Life is Your Classroom – How to Get an A!

Our daily life experience shifts in an honorable direction when we frame what’s going on in our life now as a learning situation.

When you walk with the point of view that I am a student, there are lessons afoot, and my teachers are nearby.

There are tools to use to master this challenging gig of mine, and I am healing myself into a new capacity of sharing my gifts and enjoying more love.

Review the tools in the tool box of self mastery : intention, intuition, humility, discernment, and more.

Learn about the 80% rule of imperfection, and how to recognize when you’re going to a new level of consciousness.

Enjoy Mary’s story of transforming her story from one of being “unlucky” to one of being a forgiveness master in training, and how claiming this made her life get smoother.

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Episode 110: Forgiveness and Family Relationships

The people in our family are ours for a lifetime,

and some of them are teaching us about patience and forgiveness, even though
we’d rather they would just change and be different.

Incidents with family members can wind us up,
stress us out, and grind us down,

forgiveness brings us back into the present moment with fresh attention and new solutions.


Enjoy Mary’s stories about:

– The three-minute bathroom forgiveness moment when your young child is bringing you to the brink of —!!!!
– The importance of consciously dissolving the energy of the marriage vow when you are getting divorced.
– How to forgive a teenager who’s really trying to get you mad.
– The man who transformed his murderous angry energy towards his ex into new creative energy and –  re-invention of his life

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