Workplace Spirituality Seminars

Find Center Amid Chaos

Key ideas in this seminar

“Chaos” comes from a Sanskrit word which means “infinite becoming”. We need to make friends with chaos, not take it as a problem or personal failing.

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Tools for dealing with chaos (experiential):

  • intuition, intention, good boundaries, staying “soft.”

“Soft” – Surrendered, open, feeling and taking time

  • Surrendered to the situation
  • Open to intuition and synchronicity
  • Feeling emotions and handling them appropriately
  • Taking time; pause to breathe and center


Mary’s journey through a chaotic life interruption to financial success

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The New Spirit of Leadership

(1-2 full day seminar; lecture also available)

Key ideas

Today’s leaders must steer through a sea of chaos and unknowns with serenity, focus, intuition, and compassion. The New Spirit of Leadership incorporates knowledge, strength, and tools from the realm of the spiritual, the wholistic health paradigm and the feminine mind set and value system.

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The archetype of leader in our society is evolving from only that of the “Warrior/King” to that of the “Master Gardener”, an archetype that integrates masculine and feminine sensibilities.

Leadership Tools (experiential):

  • The spiritual classroom
  • Intention
  • Good boundaries
  • Good rumors
  • Intuition
  • (other tools in the spiritual tool box include: prayer, forgiveness, humility, ceremony, sacred space, daily centering, offering, service ethic, detachment.)


The healing of “the block from Hell”

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Personal Self Mastery in Times of Change: 
Emotional Healing for the Wounded Work Place

(2 full days or 3 half days)

Part I: Personal Self Mastery

Bringing the group together, psychosynthesis model of wholeness, the spiritual class room. 8 step forgiveness model, detachment exercise.

Part II: Dealing with painful emotions at work

Skills of emotional intelligence; how to share and how to listen to emotions in a professional environment; how to avoid rumors and gossip.

Part III: Strategies for coping with chaos

intention, personal boundaries, “soft” stress-relief technique. Self-care plan for transition. Releasing a toxic expectation with 8-step method.