What People Are Saying

Mary Hayes Grieco speaks to us with the liveliness of a child and the wisdom of a sage. She shares real-life stories and heartfelt insights with the manner of a trustworthy best friend with a knack for calling at just the right time.” —Minneapolis Star and Tribune

“Mary Hayes Grieco is a gifted teacher, grounded in a depth and breadth of psychological and spiritual insight – and her poetic use of language brings her ideas to life.”
—Elene Loecher, Spiritual Care, Hazelden Renewal Center

“I know many people who are on a spiritual path, and while most of them succeed in cultivating a strand of connection with Spirit, day by day, I experience Mary as someone who is standing and living in a bright column of light, inspired and connected, 24/7. She is a radiant power.”
—Terre Thomas, The Fairy Godmother

“In her loving and steady way, Mary Hayes Grieco is accomplishing something magnificent for the planet!” —R. Erickson, 3Tier Media

“Mary HayesGrieco is one of the greatest and most humble spiritual teachers of our time. Among other things, Mary taught me how to forgive myself and others which has freed me to live a life of love and joy. When I’m near Mary, my heart opens and I remember what’s really important in life.”  —John Larsen, Design 45 LLC.  (Nine Month Self Mastery Student)

“I’ve taken Mary Hayes Grieco’s classes and have subsequently purchased sets of her audio recordings and her books. Oh what a sweet soul she is! With gentle firmness, she guides you directly into the causes of problems and wastes no time turning it all over toward the ultimate solutions. The world is a better place as Mary Hayes Grieco teaches us all how to love and forgive!”
—Maureen Heinen, Send In Maureen LLC  (Forgiveness Weekend Intensive Student)

“What Mary accomplished with me in the 1:1 session at her office would have taken me years of therapy. Although I have never received that kind of healing in therapy. I really appreciated and needed her intuitive, almost psychic, observations and validations. I felt like a huge load had been lifted from my being when I left her office.” —Shelly, a coaching client

“Mary Hayes Grieco has been championing the deeply needed work of recovery through forgiveness for over 2 decades. With loving grace and profound humility, Mary reaches out to the world with her offer of freedom and relief from pain and misery. Through her effective forgiveness method, thousands of torn and hurt souls have found release from the chains of resentment and anger. I was one of these war-torn souls and I am forever in Mary’s debt for her dedication to this work.”
—Annette Rondano The Great Metropolitan Backrub  (Nine Month Self Mastery Student)