What People Are Saying

“Ambushed by Babies is sweet and deep and funny! It’s a fat, feisty feast of storytelling through the lens of one woman’s reproductive experiences.” —Jane B.

Not since Scout Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird have I so enjoyed the astute and quirky insights of a wise child. Little (Irish Catholic) Mary Hayes is precious and she teaches us how to see God all around us again.”  —Maureen J.  

“As a man, I was transfixed while hearing a woman’s firsthand account of first love and sexuality, and her remarkable adoption story. This is a brilliant writer with unique insights that are a gift for all of us!”  —David R. 

“Mary’s voice is comic, flowing, steady and wise. The long sweep of her story is immensely satisfying… as we follow her from pregnant teen to reluctant but loving grandmother, we begin to see the big picture of all of our lives. Nothing in Mary’s story happens as expected, but it’s full of beauty and surprise truth bombs. It’s a profound illustration of how even when we are focused on our problems and worries about what is happening right now, our larger story is still unfolding.”   —Savannah B.

“Mary Hayes Grieco has a narrator’s voice that is captivating to listen to, and her easy storytelling comes straight from the heart. Her insights about her journeys with unexpected babies are thought-provoking.  You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, and be refreshed by a new appreciation for the Mystery we call life.”   —Sarah M.

“Listening to Mary’s book gave me the same kind of pleasure as settling into a kitchen table conversation with a trusted friend and a great cup of tea. Warm, inviting, truthful and funny – I found her voice and effortless storytelling very reassuring. I’m on my third round of listening to the entirety of Ambushed by Babies.” —Kathleen S.