The Peaceful Heart

A Practical Guide to Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

Are you tired of hating your ex or resenting your mother? Is it time to stop beating up on yourself? It isn’t hard to forgive – you can learn the practical steps that allow you to unload unnecessary emotional burdens and use your valuable energy for creating life anew in the present. In this first published version of Mary’s forgiveness work, you will learn the eight step process of forgiving another person and the five step process of forgiving yourself. This work, born from a unique syntheses of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern psychological insight, is as fresh and helpful today as it was when it first came out. There is a warm and intimate quality to this audio book, and many people report using the exercises over and over, and sometimes putting it on just to relax because Mary’s voice is so comforting! It’s a great forgiveness training tool for people who learn better by listening than reading.

Also included: The daily centering exercise, a simple meditation to be stronger in your personal boundaries and connected to your Higher Self throughout the day.

Listen to an excerpt from The Peaceful Heart

What People Are Saying

The experience of real forgiveness is profound and refreshing! When we do the eight steps that go into the release of past hurt, we dissolve the stagnant weight of resentment inside us and our bodies are flooded with new energy. Forgiveness mends our tattered personal boundaries, and empowers us to move forward with hope and creativity." - Mary Hayes Grieco