A Woman’s Ways

Tales of the Divine Mother/Develop Your Intuition

“Our Mother, Who Art the Earth, hallowed be thy name …” In the first part of this audio book, Women’s Spirituality, Mary celebrates the rebirth of the Divine Feminine in today’s society as a trend that supports greater self-love and empowerment for women, and greater respect for the planet Earth. Mary names the values and the spiritual practices of women’s spirituality, introduces you to the Our Mother prayer, tells some fabulous stories imbued with drama and mystery, and closes with a relaxing and intimate meditation on God as Mother.

“Your intuition is trying to show you only one thing all of the time: how to be happy as you.” In Part II of this work, Develop Your Intuition, Mary encourages us to recognize and trust our intuition, explains the four ways we use intuition, helps us with fears and blocks about it, and outlines a methodical process for using intuition to solve real problems. This work is packed with great tips, and brings a mysterious faculty into concrete understanding again and again.

Listen as Mary Hayes Grieco tells The Spider Story

The Spider Story is included in Part I of A Woman’s Ways.

What People Are Saying

This audio book is special to me, because it has my favorite stories on it, and because the musical transitions are so lovely. It offers two topics with their own distinct flavors. The first half is artful and mysterious and big on the storytelling side, and the other has an organized, straightforward, "training" tone and is packed with practical things to try out. – Mary