2018 SPARKLE! Workshop Series

Live Your Purpose : Relax, and Get Going!   February 3rd  9:30 AM to – 4:30PM
$125 / $79 Sparkle Club

There’s a certain something that some people have when they walk into a room: they are on purpose, wherever they go. The masterful person is both toned and in tune, moving with ease and power through the landscape of their life and its purposes. This workshop will help you know what’s what with why you’re here, and to love yourself more for it! Within the safe learning environment of “Mary’s Magic Circle,” you will gain new understanding and new energy for your life purpose in a unique and practical model that includes:

  • The Paradox of Purpose: Relax, and Get Going!
  • The Levels of Purpose: Being, Working, Partnering, Character Development, and Learning and Loving
  • The Tools of Purpose: Intuition, Humility, and Will

Intuition for Ease and Excellence
March 3rd  9:30 AM to – 4:30PM
$125/$79 Sparkle Club

 Your intuition is trying to show you four things, all of the time: how to stay safe, how to do things easier, how to reach your goals in the best way, and how to be happy as the creature that you are.  When it comes to training and trusting your intuition, there’s nothing to be afraid of – it’s just another sense that you are awakening so you can bring more goodness to your life and your world.  With some easy, low-stress exercises, and the heightend perception that happens within Mary’s Magic Circle, you will make friends with your intuition and begin to take your life to a whole new level of ease and excellence, as you understand

  • The five types of intuition – what is yours? Tools that will help you
  • The five blocks to an accurate intuition
  • The ten steps to developing and trusting your intuition

The Highly Sensitive Person – Turn sensitivity into your greatest asset
April 14  9:30 AM to – 4:30PM
$125/$79 Sparkle Club

“You’re too sensitive!!” they’ve  always said to you. Well guess what? You’re just fine. Your sensitivity is a gift and part of your purposes in this life, and you deserve to find out how to be comfortable, as you, and to use your gift joyfully. A certain portion of the population is composed of sensitives, and we deserve to feel normal and valued for who and how we are. Being very sensitive does make you different from 80% of the population, but it doesn’t make you a weirdo. In this workshop, enjoy the company of other HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People) and learn how to adjust your lifestyle and focus your gifts so you can be the best version of you that you can be

  • Identify things you can and cannot do, and draw new boundaries
  • Practice “good energy hygiene” every day so you are happy in your personal space
  • Learn how to clear and rest your nervous system and clear your energy field when overloaded
  • Focus your gift to deepen your insight and tune up your talent

Healthy Boundaries for Caring People Who Do Too Much
May 5  9:30 AM to – 4:30PM
$125/$79 Sparkle Club

What is a boundary? It’s the clear understanding and delineation of who you are as a person, and who and what you will and will not have in your life. A person with good boundaries can state their time and energy limits and say “no” to others with a caring smile. Caring people must learn how to see what isn’t ours to do, and to trust others to handle their own journey. In this workshop, we will learn about boundaries on every level:

  • Physical boundaries of personal space and how we use our time
  • Emotional boundaries of giving up worry about other people’s problems
  • Mental boundaries around information, values, and attitudes
  • Energetic boundaries that help us keep our nerves and energy calm and not overloaded
  • Spiritual boundaries that slide into place when we fully understand our purposes

Forgive Your Family Member(s) before the Holidays  December 1  9:30 AM to – 4:30PM $125/$79 Sparkle Club

The winter holidays can fill us with a mixture of pleasure and dread as we spend more time with our families, and some of our family members are difficult personalities to be with for very long. This is a great time of year to actively practice unconditional love and forgiveness, so we can be in our family gathering without getting uncomfortable with judgment of others or defensiveness about ourselves when we’re with certain individuals.

Our family members are ours for a lifetime, to learn how to love and accept and enjoy, the best we can.

  • Clear up an old issue with someone, without ever having to speak to them about it
  • Recognize how much time you can be with certain people, and make the time and space boundaries that you need to make to feel sane.
  • Find stealth ways of expressing unconditional love to raise the good will in the group and have more fun together
  • Be real about it if you have to say, “I can’t, with you,” and say “no” to something so you feel in charge of your choices
  • Make sure to take time to do your personal holiday favorite thing

The Sparkle! Workshops are held at the peaceful Carondelet Center at 1890 Randolph St, St. Paul, MN. Lunch is not included. There is plenty of parking on site.  Call 612-874-6622 for further information.

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COST:  $125 for each workshop

COST:  $79 each for each workshop for those
who attended the Jan 6 Spark Your Sparkle event

QUESTIONS?  Call Mary Hayes Grieco’s office at 612-874-6622.