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“If you’ve never read Mary Hayes Grieco before, you’re in for such a treat. I almost envy you. This is delicious wisdom and the finest quality writing. Mary is optimistic and passionate about the struggles, silliness, and successes we all experience on the path of everyday enlightenment.”

Roseanne Bane, author, Around the Writer’s Block


Love audio books? These audio works are packed with Mary’s juicy philosophical world view, and her soothing and compelling storytelling. Recorded in Minnesota Public Radio’s finest studio, they have a warm, intimate sound and gentle musical breaks for heart-nourishing enjoyment.

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Still using a cassette tape player? They’re so handy for listening to an audio book and getting right back to the exact place you left off. Get this set of four of Mary Hayes Grieco’s earlier works on cassette tape – beautifully produced audio books that includes material not included in her current books.