The Kitchen Mystic

In this introductory tape, Mary reads from her inspirational book, The Kitchen Mystic, originally published by Hazelden. Relax with a cup of tea or contemplate life while you commute as Mary waxes eloquent on topics like fulfilling your purpose, the art of giving and receiving, living in contentment and how to deal with life’s losses. Learn the distinction between spirituality and religion, and a step-by-step approach to becoming more disciplined. Step back and take a look at The Big Picture as Mary invites you into her optimistic vision concerning the chaos in our lives and humanity’s relationship to our planet Earth.

Bonus inspiration! This tape has new material not in the book, especially created for this audiotape: “Seek the Sacred in this Day”

“Who has time for spirituality? You do! The experience of God is as close as your next breath. If you eat, if you breathe, if you work, if you have relationships, if you take good care of your own home— you have opportunities to practice spiritual awareness.”

Make this day and every day special by bringing more awareness to the mundane actions you perform time and time again. Mary will tell you how to sensitize yourself to the Divine Presence through the use of simple spiritual practices that take no extra time to perform. You will steadily open up to experiencing more peace, more love, and more creativity in your daily life.

What People Are Saying

"We passionate spiritual seekers find ourselves involved in a never-ending Mystery story that is unfolding with subtlety, finesse, and occasionally high drama."