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Mary’s Books

  • The New Kitchen Mystic

    In these rich, poetic essays, Mary Hayes Grieco serves up fresh philosophy, delicious storytelling, and solid how-to advice for today’s spiritual seeker. A classic!

  • Unconditional Forgiveness

    The enjoyable, user-friendly guide to a forgiveness process that resolves emotional issues, swiftly and permanently. Learn in a weekend and use it for a lifetime. Feel better!

  • Forgive at Home Workbook

    A practical collection of worksheets and journal pages to use on its own or with the book, Unconditional Forgiveness. You can use this guidebook again and again.

  • The Peaceful Heart

    A Practical Guide to Unconditional Love and Forgiveness Are you tired of hating your ex or resenting your mother? It isn’t hard to forgive - you can learn to create a new life.

  • A Woman’s Ways

    Tales of the Divine Mother/Develop Your Intuition “Our Mother, Who...

Meet Mary

Private Sessions

On the phone, or in person. Short-term potent forgiveness work or long term spiritual mentoring. Private life renewal retreats. Mary is ready to help you with issues of... Read more »

Private Retreats

Come to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a personal retreat and some deep, life-changing work with Mary Hayes Grieco. You will be Mary’s top priority during your visit as she works with you to heal yourself and re-invent your life. Transform your wounds to wisdom now. Read more »

Keynote Talks

Mary's special magic as a keynote speaker at your next event will make it memorable. Her presence is naturally uplifting, and... Read more »